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What…another week went by? Aaaaannnnddd here it is, our weekly small painting sale. My Thursday paintings vary in price from $30-$50. This painting is $40 today! As a nod to Halloween and Trick or Treating, here is “Very Beary”:

Very Beary, 8x8 original watercolor on textured #300 watercolor paper, $40 today. Matted with foamcore backing to fit into your 12x12 frame

Very Beary, 8×8 original watercolor on textured #300 watercolor paper, $40 today. Matted with foamcore backing to fit into your 12×12 frame

“Very Beary” is available today only for $40. Shipping outside Bend $12 additional. First come, first serve! Send me an comment.

Custom order your greeting cards of this or any other image through sending me a comment and placing an order.

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Keep creating to Feed the Beast! Support each other, people!:)

All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen unless otherwise noted.

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It’s cherry time!! Gotta love warm, sweet cherries straight from the cherry tree, right?

Cherries, 8x8 original watercolor painting on gesso-covered watercolor paper. $50. Matted to fit into a 12x12 frame

Cherries, 8×8 original watercolor painting and watercolor pencil on gesso-covered 300# watercolor paper. $50. Matted to fit into a 12×12 frame

Happy Thursday everyone!

To purchase, send me an comment. I accept PayPal and will email a PayPal invoice. Shipping extra. Prints available, sizes starting at 8×8 for $25. 4×5 greeting cards available as well.

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Keep creating to Feed the Beast! Support each other, people!:)

All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen unless otherwise noted.

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Blackberries. The Pacific Northwest has blackberry bushes in spades! When we lived on the western side of the Cascade range, we battled blackberry bushes in the garden and yard. My husband called it Taking Oregon Back. He would come in from round one, with the blackberry bushes having clearly won, scratches and blood all over his legs and arms, clothing torn. A glass of iced tea and back out for round 2. It took several attempts with a machete before he considered himself the winner. Our kids played in blackberry tunnels…a dangerous game, if you ask me. The best part of wild blackberry bushes? Their berries! Sorry, this post is a spring post, and berries come in late summer, but hey, I’m feeling the winter blues here! Time for some thoughts of sun and warmth. SO! A blackberry painting for you today!

Blackberry Pie 8x8 $50

Blackberry Pie 8×8 Original watercolor on gesso-covered $50

Enjoy this little painting today. Hope it adds some warmth and sunshine to your thoughts. Available for purchase!

To purchase, send me an comment. I accept PayPal and will email a PayPal invoice. Shipping extra. Prints available. Please check back often, I’m working on an Etsy site for prints and should have it up soon.

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Keep creating to Feed the Beast! Support each other, people!:)

All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hanse

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Alyson, from Art Biz Blog, blogged a wonderful Thanksgiving post yesterday, featuring my painting, Sunshine in a Box, as well as beautiful paintings from 5 other artists. Shout out to Alyson for contacting all of us artists and posting our work. Thank you so much! We so appreciate you! See it here: A Feast for the Eyes.

Pearz. 22x30. Watercolor on plexiglass.

Sunshine in a Box. 30×22. Watercolor on plexiglass. $650. Interested in  purchasing?


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Comment and let me know what you think! And keep creating to Feed the Beast!

All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen


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You’ve Got Mail. I know, I know. Sleepless in Seattle, right? I’m dating myself here, but if the title fits…And anyway, this is the snail-mail, old-fashioned way of mail-getting!

This little painting is the first of my Mailbox Series, inspired during my trip to Colorado this year. I took SCADS of photos and ended up with some crazy inspiration for paintings that should last through the winter!


First wash: Red flowers in the background


Second Wash: Adding all the colors and beginning to find the mailbox form

Youve Got Mail smallcopyright

You’ve Got Mail!! 8×8 watercolor on 140# gessoed watercolor paper. $30 today.

Finished! I love this painting. Hard to give it up, but in order to Feed the Beast, I must sell these little guys. Let me know if you want it! Remember to follow my blog so you continue to get updates and follow me on Facebook for sales and events. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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While in Colorado this summer, my sister sent me some amazing photos of her chickens. She’s a chicken-girl, my sis(love you, sis). She LOVES her chickens, names them, breeds them, and probably spoils them rotten. Out of all these photos, this one sang to me…or, more like, cock-a-doodle-doo-ed to me? He puffed out his poof-poof chest and looked like he was crowing with all his might:  “See all these ladies here? These ladies are MINE!”

He’s a Silkie, a type of Banty chicken. A perfect name, since they have super-soft feathers that look like fine fur, and because they are from Siberia, they have black skin under their soft feathers…just like polar bears.

Top O' the Morning, 8x8 on gessoed 140# watercolor painting

Top O’ the Morning, 8×8 watercolor on gessoed 140# paper.

Isn’t he awesome? Super fun to paint, this guy, whose name is Heckle. I especially enjoy painting white critters, having fun with all the reflective lighting in the shadow side of their fur/feathers. White isn’t just white, you know! In the shadow side of a white object, there is warm and cool light that can add structure to your form. Have fun with it, I say!

Let me know if you want this little painting! He’s $30 today, on Thursday! Don’t forget to follow this blog (scroll to the bottom and click follow) and follow me on Facebook! Enjoy your day, everyone!! Top O’ the Morning to ya!

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Think unplugged. Quiet. Peace. Unscheduled days. Time to paint. Colorado.


View from Art Studio

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I spent the first week in July this year in Colorado, near where I grew up. It was a place of rejuvenation and feeding my beast. No Wi-Fi! Being unplugged, I spent a good amount of time walking, painting, and reading. The views were open and unhindered by other homes. I could see the San Juan Range to the South, and Grand Mesa to the North. In between lay the area in which I grew up. These were my stomping grounds! My parent’s place is amazingly quiet. At night, all I could hear was the occasional cricket. Maybe a coyote or two. Seriously! Nothing. The silence whooshes in the ears like a pulse. I LOVE it. I crave it every year.


Painting in the Colorado Studio

I usually take some painting projects when I go, and this year was no exception. I had prepared many drawings on plexiglass and paper, which, along with photos, provided hours of work in the lazy, hot afternoons.


My painting desk inside the Art Studio in Colorado

This was no luxury retreat. We are talking bare-bones, back-to-the-basics stuff here. In fact, as hot as it was in the studio in the afternoon, I perched the door open to establish a (hot) cross breeze every day. I did not, however, invite the lizard in to run across my feet. Eeek! I love lizards, but COME ON! No running across the flip-flop feet!! I guess he wanted to take a peek at the paintings and offer up a critique? How ’bout a glass of iced tea, Mr. Lizard?

Anyway, as you can see in the studio photo, I worked hard at a few small paintings and a couple of 11×14 paintings on plexiglass. When I took a break, driving around the country inspired me to take photos of…mailboxes! Future painting alert! Do you realize how utterly beautiful rural mailboxes are? Seriously, they are amazing and poetic in all their rural-ness. When I lived here, I didn’t appreciate the simple beauty that surrounded me.



Artistic Retreat Studio

My mom and I also took a drive down to a friend/neighbor who owns Mattics Orchards. They were generous enough to allow me to walk their orchards (a guided tour by their two young sons, who ended up shoving each other into the sprinklers) and take photos of pears, apples, crab apples, and apricots, as well as some zucchini, cabbage, and peppers. I am SO EXCITED to begin some amazing paintings from all the photos taken during my retreat. Such inspiring, nostalgic photos. Check my blog again soon (or better yet, follow me!) to see my Colorado work.



Good morning, everyone! Happy Thursday! Happy Thirty-Dollar Thursday, I mean to say. Here’s my thirty-dollar painting today. The painting is as bright and cheery as the daisies were when I walked past them at the Old Mill by the Colorado Bridge on my lunch hour this week. I just HAD to snap a photo of their sunny faces, tossing around in the breeze.

Thirty-Dollar Thursday, "Sunny Daisies". 8x8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper.

Thirty-Dollar Thursday, “Sunny Daisies”. 8×8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper. Unframed.

So first come, first serve. Message me to let me know you want it. This painting would be listed for $50 on my online store. It is an 8×8 original painting, with foam core back, matted to fit a 12×12 frame.

Follow me on Facebook for fabulous offerings and check out my store to order larger pieces other small works, or prints. Love to you all and have a glorious Thursday!

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Someone asked me this week if I would ever consider painting lemons.  Why, yes! As a matter of fact, I would! After a quick trip to Safeway to recruit my lemon models (I had them sign a contract), they were ready for their photo session.  I played Madonna’s Vogue to get them in the mood.  A big sheet of white foam core, grandma’s old wooden bowl, and an Iphone provided all the necessary tools.  In my back yard, the afternoon sun came in at the perfect angle to create gorgeous lemon light through the lemon slices. After a bunch of photos from different angles and set-ups, this photo worked best because of the connections in the lemon shadows.  Since I had planned on doing a small 8×8 Thirty-dollar post, I chose just the three lemons, without the bowl in the background.  I’ll come back to this photo for a large painting later.

Reference photo for Lemons in Summer painting

Reference photo for Lemons in Summer painting

By the way, here is my favorite lemon bars recipe. Sinful, but delicious. Or, you could skip the dessert and go for the Lemon Drop Martini!

Lemons in Summer. 8x8 gessoed watercolor paper.

Lemons in Summer. 8×8 gessoed watercolor paper. Matted with white mat to fit into a 12×12 frame.

Here it is!  Your Thirty-Dollar Thursday painting! Own it for just $30 (not including shipping). Message me to let me know you want it.  First come, first serve.

My fellow blogger from Geek Gardens purchased a thirty-dollar painting a couple of weeks ago.  Here’s what he had to say:

“As the proud new owner of the Orange Chair (which came beautifully shipped and matted today!) I can honestly say that the pictures do not do the paintings justice. Beautiful color and amazing texture and on top of it all, it is frame ready! At this price I may have to break my art rule “the frame should not be more expensive than the art!” A great problem to have.”  Check out his great blog about succulents!

Follow me on Facebook to get more announcements about upcoming events and sales. Also, I now have a store! Order paintings or prints at Please share, follow, comment and/or like, to give me a boost and help keep this beast of mine fed.  Feed the beast!  Now…back to the martini 😉


It struck me this week that lilacs are in my top 5 list of favorite flowers.  Let’s see.  Why not list them and the memories they evoke:

1.  Peony (their smell…soft white house and the big window above them…and…ants?)

2.  Lavender (Washington…fields upon fields of purple hills…and the smell, oh man the smell!)

3.  Lilac (tearing around on my bike next to the bushes on the farm…the sunshine smell…my mom)

4.  Rose (the old-fashioned kind…my bike was my “horse” and I speed around the bushes super fast)

5.  Dahlia (my house in Portland…my little boys running around catching praying mantis and other critters)

Huh.  What does that say about me?  All these flowers are old-school flowers! Does that mean I’m an old fashioned kind of gal?  Nah.  They just smell heavenly and remind me of growing up on the farm.


Lilacs by my front door

I finally have lived in a house long enough for the lilacs that I planted to bloom!  Every house that we built, I would plant lilacs, with dreams of someday gathering them into my greedy clutches, planting my nose deep inside their purple-ness, and inhaling their memory-inducing bouquet.  Then, I’d clip them into a huge white bucket (oh, the senses!) and bring them indoors to fragrance the whole house.  Alas, we always moved before my bucket-of-lilacs dream came true.  Until now!  I have two large lilac bushes near my front door, and if the deer don’t chomp them down, they bloom like crazy.  So, in response to the Bucket of Lilacs dream, I decided I’d paint just that.


Lilacs for the painting

Yes!  I DID place blooms into my painting.  Carefully clipping each tiny bloom, I placed them in between newspaper and flattened/dried them overnight.  The next day, I used matte Medium to adhere them to the gessoed plexiglass panel.  It was so much fun, I thought I might plaster them everywhere!  But I had to use restraint.  I had only clipped a few lilacs and it was time to paint.  No time to waste!


First wash, showing general layout and real lilac petals

Okaayyy…great idea, hard to do.  Have you ever painted lilacs?  Or tried?  A bit difficult, I can tell you.  As always, I concentrate detail in a few areas near the focal point, and leave ya’ll guessing for the rest. The most difficult part of this painting was trying to get the mass of blooms to have depth and structure.


Detail showing real lilac petals


Detail showing real lilac blooms and paper texture

The colors in this painting?  Yummy.  I hope I gave the impression of lilac blooms?

Bucket O Lilacs blog

Bucket O’ Lilacs. 16×20 watercolor on Gessoed Plexiglass. $750 message me to own 🙂

Can you recall memories of lilac-filled days?  Maybe you can smell them?

Or maybe you have strong memories associated with other flowers. What are your favorites?  When you see them or smell them, what memories flood forth?  Comment…I’m interested 🙂

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