As women, we proudly wear many hats and carry a large amount of responsibility in our lives. I would like to acknowledge International Women’s Day today with a painting and a (virtual) hug to all the women who make the world a better place. Our stability, our love for others, our intellect and problem-solving abilities, the Mother Bear in us as we stand up for our kids or someone less fortunate, our determination and strength, our ability to show emotion and keep going, and our incredible amount of compassion; these attributes exist in almost every woman I have ever met. Many of you are my friends. This painting today is about friendship and love between women friends. In order to be that strong, creative, determined and compassion woman you know, we REALLY need our friends. Friendship allows us to be stronger, more creative, more compassionate, and more determined to live our lives the way we were meant to live; for ourselves and for others.

And what better way to visit with our women friends than over a glass of wine. I know you all hear this. Right? It is, quite simply, a very precious and treasured time.

To that end, my painting today is about friendship between women, on International Women’s Day.

I used this photo, taken at Hosmer Lake in the Cascade Mountains, in Central Oregon.

Wine photo for reference

Wine photo for reference

When painting, I used a large brush with four main colors: Sodalite Genuine (an almost-black), Cobalt, Quinocridone Burnt Scarlet, and Transparent Yellow.

The words friendship, love, and laughter are written into the gesso base. Shapes and scribbles add energy to the piece. Influences from Portland are black or almost-black colors in the paintings, heavy texture, and a more impressionistic look. I enjoy painting without explaining each and every section of the painting. Allowing the paint to run, drip, and settle into edges fascinate me. They add energy and imagination to the work.

Vine & Friendship, 12x16, original watercolor on Plexiglas with gesso and paper collage

Vine & Friendship, 12×16, original watercolor on Plexiglas with gesso and paper collage. $550

Squares  and swirling lines illustrate vines and friendship throughout the painting. The vines signify ties that bind us and wind loosely through our lives and connect us with each other an others we care about. You can see the Portland influence, with the very dark values and neutral tones, as well as the texture and the loose brushwork.

Happy International Women’s Day. Celebrate being a woman. Love to you all.

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