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I knew right away who my best friend was. She was the only one not laughing. Admittedly, it was probably pretty funny. After all, the polyester pants…(Wait. I must describe. Circa 1975, my mom sewed my pants. The left front side a purple panel, the right front side a white panel, reversed in the back, with opposite color back pockets. Ehem…”thanks” Mom) that I wore were completely covered in mud and soaking wet after I fell into the playground puddle. My best friend worried about me and wondered if I was okay. She MAY HAVE covered up a smirk. But she didn’t laugh. That’s friendship. And support.

Friends. “Squash Getting Friendly,” illustrates support and friendship that we can all provide to each other and appreciate in return.  How we can hold one another up and support each other through life. Thanks to my friends, my fans, my family who support me and love me in spite of my weirdness.;) Thank your friends today.

Squash Getting Friendly copyright

Squash Getting Friendly. 8×8 watercolor on gessoed paper. $50

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3 Responses to “Squash Getting Friendly”

  1. The Bravest Bear

    beautiful! I love the texture in the gourds! You have such a way with watercolor ❤



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