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I wasn’t sure at what point my heart would actually detach itself from the rest of my body.

Would it be at the point when we said our goodbyes at the dorm room steps? Or when I drove away from the college to begin the long journey back home by myself?  Either way, it hurt in my chest. A physical pain.

I knew I would live. That somehow my heart would find its way back into my chest. After all, I’d done this trip four years ago with my older son. But the pain was no less for the knowledge.

My painting today, Leaves of Change, is for all the moms out there (and dads too) who have left their child on the dorm steps this fall to embark on their new lives away from home. Leaves for leaving. Fall leaves for changing times. Colorful leaves for the season that we say goodbye.

Rainbow Aspen copyright

Leaves of Change. 8×8 watercolor on paper. $40. SOLD. Prints available for $15-$25

It’s not all sad, though. This is a happy time (I remind myself of this every day). We raise our kids to be independent of ourselves. To have a life that is full and interesting. This is just the beginning for them.

Hang in there, moms! Good job raising them and good job caring enough to cry when they leave.

Love to you all.

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3 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    College sounds very good, you should be proud! It is so that mothers always think about their children as kids. I don’t know. I cannot recall myself being really upset when either I had to go to the University and live on my own (I was one of the youngest, I started studies at 17, made high-school very quickly), or my daughter went to study and live on her own.
    Kids need some freedom and the sooner they grow up in a good sense of this word, the better. There are some fairly dangerous towns and cities, however, theoretically our chances of getting into trouble are pretty much the same anywhere. It is going to be fine, no worries! Well, and since you’re such a good artist, you will have plenty to do about your art, there won’t be time to feel sad.
    I leave my daughter, my mom, my sister and everybody else on the other side of the ocean and fly back to Canada. Such is life at the moment (has been for 10 years, actually). There is phone, Skype and e-mails, and Facebook if the worst comes to worst. I personally think kids need some space and parents have to believe in their kids and give them a chance to try out to accomplish something on their own.


    • sbhansen2014

      You are so wonderful for sending me a thoughtful reply on my kiddo leaving for college. He is ONLY 3 hours away! Crazy that it should hit me so hard. It is wonderful to see them grow up and become independent. Quite interesting, really. I suppose it’s a selfish, indulgent cry that I have when they leave, as it’s really only about me. 😉 I hope you get to visit your family across the big lake and see them as often as possible. Love seeing your new posts and reading all about you and your art and teaching. Thank you for being supportive. Love your work. 🙂



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