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Sunflower Season is upon us! Not sure about you, or where you live, but here in Bend, Oregon, sunflowers are showing their sunny faces everywhere you look. Therefore, this week I’m devoting my paintings to their simple beauty.

I started three paintings on my watercolor board all at once. I finished one for Thirty-Dollar Thursday! It turned out wonderful!

I experimented with several background colors and compositions. Here is one:

Sunny Sunflower

Sunny Sunflower, 8×8 watercolor on gessoed paper

During the month of September, I’m offering my Thirty-Dollar Thursday every week…with a twist! This time, I’m changing the format to a bidding process. The amount will start at $30, but if you want it, bid on it. A 12-hour window, 7am to 7pm, on Facebook, will be the platform. The person with the highest bid at 7pm Pacific Time gets the painting. Shipping, if necessary, is extra.

If you want to bid on it, please follow me on Facebook, which is where the bid will take place.  Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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