Bartholomew. A renegade from birth. A rebel. A true son who ousted his dad, Heckle, from the top rung of chicken-dom at Prairie Flats Chicken Ranch in Colorado. Now, it’s hard to imagine the infamous Heckle being ousted, but that’s the story. Apparently, “Bat” (known by his close friends) decided he would, nay, SHOULD treat the ladies better. In his strutting and yodeling (wait…what?) around the chicken ranch, the paparazzi just had to take a photo of his beauty. Yada yada yada, he gets selected for a painting and a post on this here famous blog.



Photo reference and Bat

Above is the photo reference for Bat, below, the actual painting. Very scribbly and loose background, with a bit of an outside/pecking-on-the-ground feeling to it.

Bartholomew the Rooster copyright

Bartholomew the Rooster. 8×8 on gessoed watercolor paper $50 matted into 12×12, unframed. FOR SALE 🙂

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