Thirty-Dollar Thursday is here! Okay, so last week I had a request:  How about a hummingbird, Sarah? Sure thing, but trying to get those little critters to hold still while I snapped off a photo or two? Impossible. Especially with my somewhat-lacking-photo-taking-abilities. I mean, I pretend and all, but when you start talking F-stop and iso-whatever, my eyes glaze over and some sort of brain fog rushes in. Coming to my rescue? My photo guru brother (yo, bro, thanks for the amazing pics of hummingbirds!). So here’s the deal. Never, have I ever, had so much fun painting. Okay, just kidding. But really, this little bird? So cute! I will have to do more hummingbirds. And send me more ideas, everyone! Ya’ll think of fun things to paint, okay? Below, check out the first wash:


Hummingbird in progress. First wash. You will notice how much more the hummingbird “pops” in the final painting, due to darkening the values behind the bird.

Final painting, after deepening the values behind the bird and tightening up details:


Hummingbird, A Moment. Final. 8×8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper.

My cute little hummingbird. Even though I have them here in Oregon, they always remind me of Colorado. Mom and Dad’s place.  Anyhoo, she’s available today only for $30, usually $50. Original watercolor painting on 140# gessoed watercolor paper. See that cool texture in there? That’s the textured gesso underpainting. This painting is 8×8, matted to fit into a 12×12 frame. Shipping not included. Unframed.

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Oh, and leave a comment…what should I paint next?