Maybe I was a barn cat in past life. Lying around in the sun-heated hay, barnside. Wait. No. Scratch that. On the second thought, our barn cats were mangy and ate mice. Yuck. Yet….I’m stealthy, agile, and cunning. Hmmm…maybe. Not. Okay, so aside from the reasons why I’m not like a cat, I do LOVE the sun. I sometimes just sit by the window with the heat streaming in and feel all purr-y. The cold? Not so much. I tiptoe out in the the snow and brrr….shake the paw and go back inside. Yet I detest being pent up.

So we’ve established that I’m like a cat because love the sun, hate the cold and hate being pent up. That pretty much sums it up. But I digress. What is the point of this conversation? It has to do with my mantra, “Get outside”. I love being outside in the wilderness. It restores me, centers me, grounds me. Gets me away from all the device overload. This winter in Bend has not been good for my mantra. I lack get-outside time. ‘Cause it’s cold. What have I been doing instead? Yoga. Down dog. Seriously. It does restore the spirit and shore up resolutions; centers the soul, so to speak. But it’s not outside. And because I’m a cat, I like to go outside and mess with stuff. But outside is too cold. Angry face. Anyway, yoga is all about down dog, not down cat. That’s a problem, right there.

Back to my mantra. The point of all this conversation. Get outside. I’m working on a new group of paintings for my featured show at Tumalo Art Company this summer. I’ve titled the show, “Nature Uplugged”. Unplug in nature. Get back to peace. Breathe deep and center yourself. Though I haven’t done much unplugging lately. I’m in sore need of unplugging. You?


Rowena Crest by Miles Hemstrom, bro extraordinaire

In this series, I invite you to take a deep breath, decompress, unplug, and become a cat. Like me. It’s simple. Just step into the painting. Notice the small surprises of texture and color along the way(cats do that, but then they have to mess with it a little, too). Details of lines, string(you know how we LOVE string), squares and pops of color reveal themselves as you stealthily make your way into the world. Absorb and observe the surroundings. Like a cat. Unplug. Feel the expanse, the breath, and the warmth.

Distant Calling, detail. 20×16, original. This piece for sale. $750. Contact Artist

Nature Unplugged, will be my featured show at Tumalo Art Company in July of this summer. Arrive at true peace.

I am keeping a journal of my thoughts as I paint these pieces and will post blogs of those journal entries. Follow along with my blog and the creation of these new works.

Find peace. Get outside. Unplug. Become cat-like. And buy my paintings.:)


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