When the tree swallows arrive at my house, I know summer is near. They swoop in under the eaves, chittering to each other. Once in a while, one will alight on a small juniper branch in my back yard. Her partner will fly around her, carrying on a conversation the entire time. Summer is here.

When my son and I went bird watching on Mother’s Day this year, I managed to snag a great photo of a tree swallow out at Hatfield Reservoir close to Bend. I loved the expression and especially the color of this beautiful bird as she sat next to her nesting box. The blue-green color of her feathers is from a hue I hadn’t used before, called Manganese Blue Hue by Holbein. Gorgeous. I’m going to have to order up a full tube of the stuff!

Tree Swallow, 8x8 original on #300 textured watercolor paper. $50

Tree Swallow, 8×8 original on #300 textured watercolor paper. $50

Anyway, love the blue color and the textured barn wood she is standing on. Hope you love it too. Happy Thursday everyone!

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