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Last full day of Paint Costa Rica. It’s hard to think of leaving Costa Rica, our friends, our time of creativity and adventure. And let’s be honest. It’s also hard to leave the warm climate!

We woke up early for nearby Mirador Hike…

…which is a short climb up to the remains of an unfinished hotel. The ruins are a popular hike for locals and graffiti artists, providing a beautiful view of the ocean and downtown Jaco.

First viewpoint of Jaco. Glorious! A little hot for early in the morning, though!

But not too hot for silly.

Graffiti filled the walls of the main structure.


Then we went into Jaco to pick up a couple of souvenirs.

And once again, The Green Room restaurant. This time for breakfast.

On the way game, a few of us stopped for a quick photo shoot at the famous Jaco sign.

At Vida Asana, people swam, painted, visited, read books and just relaxed. For our last painting meeting, we shared thoughts about the week, from what we learned to our favorite lesson, to how wonderful the week turned out.

Everyone shared their work, including self-guided plein air pieces, and thoughts on how successful those pieces felt.

I simply cannot express how truly wonderful this week has been. Not only the painting, but women supporting women in all walks of life, at all stages and ages, connecting and embracing the differences and wisdom we each bring. I believe we all healed a part of ourselves here at Vida Asana, finding authenticity and love and strength.

Painting growth, too, abounded. I pushed each student to try something new, to reach to the next level in their art. and they responded enthusiastically.

Cheers to my crew who joined me. I love each and every one of you. I appreciate where you are in your lives and in your artistic journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Until next time, my friends. We await a new adventure.

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  1. Ann Thompson

    Did you get home okay or are you still in Portland? Because it’s pretty bad here.[image1.jpeg]

    Ann Thompson
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