Costa Rica is not only a painting retreat, but a trip for the soul. We build new connections and friendships, renew bonds with ourselves and friends, and discover healing as we address those concerns in our hearts. I’m eternally grateful for all the women friendships and wisdom in my life that they graciously share. We can begin to heal with laughter and understanding.

With that in mind today, Once we finished yoga and breakfast, I taught a lesson on how to paint beach waves and surf. I believe waves and the ocean are healing and comforting.

Here is my painting crew, at the table we use in the main gathering space.

Lessons were step by step. First I had everyone draw horizon lines representing waves. Then we began to paint the waves, moving down towards the bottom of the paper.

As we worked down the paper, we built on wave layers, varying width, value, and color to add interest.

Once waves reached near the bottom, we worked on textured sand, followed by a cobalt sky with a few clouds near the horizon.

So much fun!

After dinner, our group assembled in various clusters. Some did a horseback tour with mud spa.

Some shopped or just relaxed at the pool.

I took a bike to the beach, painted, and then relaxed by the pool, returning to the jungle Shala to paint again.

As Buddha looked on.

More adventure awaits tomorrow!