Art Adventures

Today we split our group. Some of us went on the Rainmaker tour, which is a 2 mile loop hike in the jungle, with tires for stairs and suspension bridges. Others from our group went shopping in Jaco and had massages.

I chose the Rainmaker tour, as I love critters, birds, nature and hiking.

Our group had a fabulous tour guide, who pointed out bats in folded up leaves, butterflies, toucans, lizards, and snakes!

Here we are, ready to head out.

During the hike, there were a few steps involved. Wowza. Good job, ladies! That looks a little intimidating!

Our tour guide saved us from certain death. Actually these are extremely venomous: an eyelash pit viper on the hand rail…yikes! He was about 8 inches long. A juvenile, but no less dangerous. Isn’t he beautiful?

During the walk, we crossed 5 high suspension bridges.

The obligatory selfie.

A reward near the end of a sweaty hike? A swim in this cold stream.

Heaven. Butterflies accompanied us near the water, as did basilisk lizards.

While we hiked, others in the group had healing massages, waded in the beach surf and/or went shopping in nearby Jaco, where they happened upon many of its beautiful murals.

I will give the artist credit once I have his iPod her name.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Vida Hermosa on Playa Hermosa and watched the sun set into the ocean.

Inspiration for painting!

We will be painting again tomorrow. Until then my friends.

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