Today began with either a walk, a swim, or an hour yoga class to boost our energy and get our blood flowing.

After yoga, a beautiful breakfast and a swim, we got down to business and painted a toucan.

Step by step.

So beautiful!

After lunch we worked on painting leaves from our surroundings.

Which moved us naturally into a tree painting.

For this lesson, I chose to guide everyone step by step in painting coconut tree landscape, using a photo and a painting from my previous trip to Whale’s Tail, Uvita Beach, Costa Rica.

After our painting lesson, we were paint-tired. After all, we had painted most of the day. We had a relaxing, beautiful dinner, directly after which some of us chose to participate in a Cacoa Ceremony in the jungle Shala.

Cacoa is a powerful plant medicine, used to allow one to connect more freely with inner spirit and wisdom. During the ceremony, we drank hot cacoa as we called upon our ancestors for guidance and direction. Cacoa is chocolate, but without the sugar and milk. We looked for signs of direction in the grounds of our cup.

I saw a guppy. ? Not sure what that meant, but the ceremony was very powerful, calming, and healing.

An incredible day, immersed in the culture and tapping into creativity.

Until tomorrow my friends.