Welcome to Costa Rica!

We arrived in Costa Rica for our week long artistic and cultural immersion retreat, ready to soak in some sunshine and creativity.

This beautiful carpet of fuschia-hued petals from the water apple tree greeted us on arrival. I took it as a sign we would fulfill our lives with color and positive thoughts this week.

We were all tired from the flight but happy and excited for the adventures and friendships ahead.

Some of us were more excited. That’s me, of course. Always up for a goofy photo.

We painted on the patio by the swimming pool. I taught a session on an introduction into watercolor paint techniques, tips, tricks and colors, to build skills and prepare for the week ahead.

Oh, and that lovely salt texture into colorful washes. It’s ALWAYS fun. Right, ladies?

At about 5:30, we had to stop, as the sun set and light became tough to paint by.

After an amazing meal prepared by Vida Asana chefs and staff, we crashed. Time to sleep off that long flight.

More tomorrow, my friends.