Before yoga and breakfast this morning, I stumbled upon this photographic moment.

Lychees! Yeah, we don’t grow these in Oregon.

On to yoga. I had an amazing experience with singing bowl yoga at Vida Asana.

Jenny, our yoga instructor, uses sound vibrations from different size bowls to help heal our bodies and minds. It seems very strange, but you can actually feel the vibrations move through your body. Gave me chills!!

Loved it! After yesterday’s sweat lodge, I felt a little funky. Once I cried it all out today, I was ok. 😂 Very healing.

After lunch, we headed into the bustling town of Jaco. It’s such a cool little town full of busy energy, great little modern tourist and souvenir shops right beside more traditional juice and coffee places. At night, the place feels modern with both a family and party atmosphere.

Came back and worked on lessons at Vida Asana for the rest of the day.

This bamboo stand right outside my room.

And in the Shala, studying leaves. Two dog friends joined me.

This ended up being a very relaxing day. Tomorrow I will fly out early in the morning. I’ll be sad to leave, but happy I can return home to one of my favorite places, the Pacific Northwest.

The trip has been incredibly rewarding to me, in that I was able to stay at Vida Asana and decide how to organize my workshop, and meet the wonderful family of people who run the yoga retreat. They run it with sincere love, passion, friendship, and peace.

Also, surprisingly, I learned more about myself, which was an outcome I hadn’t anticipated. The yoga, sweat lodge, conversations and space to contemplate helped me to discover and reflect on my life, my relationships, and my dreams.

Happy painting, travels, and peace to you all.

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