Rain all night long created a laid-back day of painting, yoga, and a beach visit that turned into a bird-watching excursion.

First, a light breakfast of fruit with almonds and a dragonfruit smoothie.

Since it was an early breakfast, I had time to work on painting lessons before yoga.

Oh I’m so excited about this first lesson! Look at the trees and foliage here!

In between painting and yoga, we had a quick tour of the gardens, mostly filled with herbs such as lemon grass, turmeric, mint, basil, verbena, cilantro, peppers, and beans.

Then onto an incredible yoga session.

Jenny Cribbs of Jaco taught yoga today. Her voice and knowledge brought us all to center.

After another beautiful vegan lunch of potatoes, beans, rice, salad, and fruit, I hopped on Turquoise Bessie and made a beeline for the beach. My hope was to concentrate on a beach painting lesson. The weather threatened to rain, and actually sprinkled on me most of the time.

It’s tough to paint at times because of the humidity. Paintings don’t dry well and in fact, seem to get more wet as they sit out! I am adjusting to damp solutions. Also, Sharpies don’t work on wet paper. So I have to draw my black lines an hour or so later at times.

Clouds were stunning today.

On my way back to Vida Asana, I rode poor old Bessie on a pot-hole filled road next to surfers driving to the next wave. I had to stop every few minutes and pull out my zoom camera to take a picture of a new bird!! I cannot share the pics because I did not bring my computer, but suffice to say I must have added 12 birds to my life list today. And I managed to NOT get run over. Which is nice.

Until tomorrow my friends.