The focus for today’s event was not so much about painting, but more about 2 tours and individual free time in Florence. 

First, a stop at my “official favorite” store in Florence : Zecchi, an art supply store. I place the phrase in parenthesis because I have so many favorite stores in Florence!

Best art supply store!

After visiting about 4 or 5 times this trip, I managed to control my purchases and only bought a pad of watercolor paper. They have the most wonderful sable brushes, with their logo imprinted on the side; a treasured purchase I made on my first day here. The group purchased watercolor paints, paper, brushes, and other items. On our first day in Italy, we all purchased aprons from this store that we used for the entire workshop. You can see the aprons in our photo day seven. 

Afterwards,  we headed across Ponte Vecchio to tour Il Papiro,  a paper shop. But we had to get a pic on the bridge, of course. 

At Il Papiro,  Gina had set up a tour to observe the company’s process in marblizing paper. 

Gianni, illustrating his marbling technique

And then, much to my suprise, Gianni offered to let me try! I couldn’t believe it!

First the apron.

Tap, tap, tap the acrylic pigment into the base.

Drag a tool through the paint to make designs

Another tool, like a comb, makes the floral pattern


 Wow. Love!!!

Next, we visited an apothecary. 

Santa Maria Novella Farmaceutica

The aroma in the building? Orange, clove, and herbal spices. Gorgeous.  

Late afternoon, we met up in our apartment for one last painting session. The group finished their paintings, and we visited about our experience, summarized our trip  and planned next year!

Final group meeting.

Pictures of everyone’s art by person:

What an amazing  trip. Now, homeward bound to plan next year!

Thanks to all those in group who provided pics to me what my phone camera was full. You know who you are. 

More pics and posts to follow when I get home. 

For now, arrivederci!