This morning, while barn swallows swooped through the sunny skies around our Tuscan studio, we began painting pots of flowers in a loose and vibrant technique. 

Here is my sample, as I began the first wash. 

First loose wash, with a finished sample on the left.


At noon, we broke for lunch/picnic in the upstairs loft. 

What a yummy picnic lunch!

After lunch, we returned downstairs and noticed that local swallows had to get involved by taking paper and paper towels from our studio to their nests for their kids to enjoy REAL art. 🙂

“Here, peeps, look closely at the complimentary color scheme on this crumpled canvas.”

And bonus of the day? We spotted a bee-eater!! I’ll post the pic later when I can download them from my camera. 

Tomorrow’s adventure? Drive through the countryside to an olive grove for lunch and head into Florence for more fun! Can it be possible! !?? I’m thinking yes!