Woke to sunny skies this morning that quickly changed to rain as we painted in our Tuscan studio. 

Blue skies and an open door to our painting studio welcomed us after breakfast.

Today, instead of everyone painting the same landscape scene, each person chose their own image from photos they had taken during the trip and dove in!! A challenging task, without step-by-step instruction. But the ladies created beautiful watercolors. Look at the difference! Each painting shows each person’s individual personality! I love it!! This, THIS  is why I teach!

After workshop, a picnic lunch (inside…too rainy!), then off to…but wait, can it be? Yes, a winery!!!

We toured Ciacci Piccolomini d’ Aragona. Gorgeous! 

Ciacci Piccolomini d’ Aragona

Post tour from our beautiful host, Giada, we, of course, FORCED ourselves to taste the wine! Oh, and olive oil, honey, and grappa. 

Group shot after grappa. Whew! It packs a punch! Though I might need to taste it again. Just to be sure…

What a day! Can we possibly have more fun tomorrow! !??