A marathon painting day, today! After a beautiful breakfast in our villa, we stepped outside to a misty courtyard and into the nearby stables, which have been converted to a temporary painting studio. Once the mist burned off, the studio filled with warm Tuscan light filtering through large windows looking towards flowered courtyards and green valley fields.

We finished our “cheat sheets” from yesterday and dove readily into painting a Tuscan landscape. Afterwards, we headed into a nearby Tuscan town for a quick grocery – shop adventure. 

Making use of plenty of blue and intense colors during “cheat sheet” painting today.

Next, to tackle a Tuscan landscape. 

Look at the gorgeous view behind me!!!

How can I concentrate with that view??

Everyone painted their own interpretation of the landscape. Here is a pic of each person’s work:

Finished today with smiles on all our faces. Tomorrow, more painting and a winery tour!! Love!!