Here is a quick little tutorial in how to change out and fill half pans in a watercolor palette. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Let’s say you purchased a watercolor palette with pre-filled cake pans. Let’s also say that you absolutely hate Payne’s Gray (like me…), and Payne’s Gray happens to be in above said watercolor palette.

SO! All you do is pop out the pan of icky dead gray and fill an empty one with a color of your choice, like one of my favorites: Cobalt Teal by Daniel Smith. No plug, here, it really is one of my favorite colors and NEVER in any cake pan pre-filled sets!

And, if you are traveling with me to Italy or any other upcoming trips, you can simply buy empty half pans and fill them with your own beloved paints, place in your existing palette and poof, you are ready. Just like that. Now you can create AMAZING watercolors with your new palette!


Find textured watercolor paintings of mine at Tumalo Art Company, and Hood Avenue Art.

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