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Do you have a puppy? Then you know this look. Yes, it’s adorable. It’s also a little bit guilty. I’m imagining this little guy with a pile of chewed up shoes at his feet. Don’t you think?

Who, Me? 16x12 Original Watercolor and collage on gesso-covered Plexiglas. $325

Who, Me? 16×12 Original Watercolor and collage on gesso-covered Plexiglas. $325

Scraped into the background gesso of this cute little painting are the words “Love, Oregon” in throughout the painting, since this is a true Central Oregon puppy. He had been romping around in his property where sagebrush abounded. I love it! And what’s not to love? Oregon and and a puppy! Hope you love it, too.

“Who, Me?” is currently available at my studio. Questions? Send me an comment.  Prints available, sizes starting at 8×10 for $25. Check back. I really AM working on an online store that will print my prints for me. Hope to have it up by this weekend!

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