Cactus wrens RULE in Arizona! And somehow, they seem to love to be photographed. They pose. “Over here! Yoo-hoo! Helloooo!” I managed to snap off some great photos one morning of a cactus wren outside the window, effortlessly hanging out on a tall grass thing. He glanced my way now and then to see if I had captured his essence. I believe I did.

Arizona Cactus Wren, 8x8 watercolor on gesso-covered paper. $50.

Arizona Cactus Wren, 8×8 original watercolor on gesso-covered paper. $50.

This colorful painting highlights his beautifully patterned feathers on an abstractly squared cerulean blue background, accenting his warm colors. Own it today! Prints available. Please contact me to own. I will soon have an Etsy site up for all the prints/reproductions, but for now, all originals and prints for sale through my site here, see below.

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