Countdown to Valentine’s Day!  I think of many loves in my life on Valentine’s Day. My three beautiful boys. My husband of 26 years, my mom and dad. Siblings, friends and extended family. Bloggers, followers and fellow artists. There are many types of love. To that end, the final painting for the 4-week countdown to Valentine’s Day is symbol of love and friendship.

When I was in Arizona in January, I took a great photo of two thrashers on a rock wall. They were clearly a couple. One had a bit of dry vegetation in his beak, while the other looked on. Pausing for a conversation or quick assessment of their nest-building, they glanced my way as if to say, “Is any of our business your concern?”

I think she may have been saying to him, “Uhmmm…hello? You need to carry more than that each time or this will take us FOREVER!” But clearly, they had a job of building a home, and getting right to it. No messing around. There was a solid sense of partnership, of sharing the load and working together (-ish…I think he looked a tad guilty!).

Thrashers, 8x8 original watercolor on 300# paper. $50

Thrashers, 8×8 original watercolor on 300# paper. $50

Can birds love? Not sure, but there is a relationship here, a sharing of the load and a partnership. So yeah, I’m going to call it love. It seemed like it to me, and ’cause it’s Valentine’s season, everyone! Tell people you love them and Happy Valentine’s Day on Saturday!

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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