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No, no…no worries.  I’m not doing crazy science experiments on my poor little yard chickadees!  What were you thinking??

This small chickadee painting went together so smoothly and that I found it hadn’t quite quenched my yelling beast within. It was so fun and quick I had to do another. Okay, okay, I didn’t really need to, but there was an uncontrollable desire (you must do another, Sarah)!

First, here’s a quick time-lapse of chickadee painting #1. I call it Chickadee Spring:

I enjoy pushing colors in my paintings. The bird does not necessarily have all the colors on his little feathers as I have depicted. But if I wanted him to be perfectly rendered, I could always just post the photo. And you all know what a disappointment THAT would be. 😉 The colors are pushed to more extreme; the blues are more intense, the black is actually purple, but he looks pretty normal, right?

Chickadee Spring. 8×8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

I think I’d like to do another one with weird colors (queue uncontrollable desire to paint another).

Oooo…great idea. Is a chickadee recognizable as a chickadee if the colors are not realistic?  After that thought, I postponed this post and had to do an experiment:

Crazy Chickadee 8x8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

Crazy Chickadee 8×8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

What fun this is! Isn’t he cute? What made him even more interesting was that I had just purchased a new paint, Daniel Smith’s Quinacridone Coral.  Gorgeous color! You will be seeing more it from me in the future. It’s a warm red, so it mixes very well with a warm yellow such as New Gamboge Yellow. I LOVE it!!!

So? What do you think? Which version do you prefer? Comment and let me know. Hope you all are feeding your creative beast this week!

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3 Responses to “Chickadee Experiment”

  1. Geek Gardens

    You are so talented! The video is awesome, so cool to see a painting from start to finish. I love both of the chickadees but the first is my favorite. That color that you used in the tail (light blue) is awesome!


    • sbhansen2014

      Thank you! I stumble through most of it, the video-making anyway. Thanks so much for the compliment. Weirdly enough, I think I like the first one best as well! I didn’t think I would 🙂



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