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Ah, that elusive inner peace. Shall we all find it today?

Inner Peace 8x8 watercolor and pencil on gesso-covered watercolor paper. $50

Inner Peace 8×8 watercolor and pencil on gesso-covered watercolor paper. $40

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen.

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Countdown to Valentine’s Day!  I think of many loves in my life on Valentine’s Day. My three beautiful boys. My husband of 26 years, my mom and dad. Siblings, friends and extended family. Bloggers, followers and fellow artists. There are many types of love. To that end, the final painting for the 4-week countdown to Valentine’s Day is symbol of love and friendship.

When I was in Arizona in January, I took a great photo of two thrashers on a rock wall. They were clearly a couple. One had a bit of dry vegetation in his beak, while the other looked on. Pausing for a conversation or quick assessment of their nest-building, they glanced my way as if to say, “Is any of our business your concern?”

I think she may have been saying to him, “Uhmmm…hello? You need to carry more than that each time or this will take us FOREVER!” But clearly, they had a job of building a home, and getting right to it. No messing around. There was a solid sense of partnership, of sharing the load and working together (-ish…I think he looked a tad guilty!).

Thrashers, 8x8 original watercolor on 300# paper. $50

Thrashers, 8×8 original watercolor on 300# paper. $50

Can birds love? Not sure, but there is a relationship here, a sharing of the load and a partnership. So yeah, I’m going to call it love. It seemed like it to me, and ’cause it’s Valentine’s season, everyone! Tell people you love them and Happy Valentine’s Day on Saturday!

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen.

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Counting down until Valentine’s Day, here is a new painting using “romance” as the theme. “Tea Date”…I had to do it, since I did “Coffee Date” last week, and I’m a tea drinker! Here it is!

Tea Date, 8x8 watercolor on 300# gessoed watercolor paper. $50

Tea Date, 8×8 original watercolor on 300# gessoed watercolor paper. $50

Since it’s a Valentine theme, I added little hearts to the tea bag holder-thingys. Let me know if you want it! It is very colorful in person.

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen.

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When my hairdresser took a sip of her caramel coffee and placed it on the counter, I had an Ah-Ha moment. Her bright red lipstick on the rim of the cup pulled me in and stirred up creative juices. As she deftly swiped scissors across my bangs, I mentally created a scene for two coffee cups on a date. Coffee shops inspire romance. Love and coffee in exotic Italian, Paris, or even small hometown coffee shops like here in Bend, Oregon.

So in keeping with the theme of romance for the next three weeks until Valentine’s Day, here is a bright little painting to remind us to add a little romance into your day…maybe at a coffee shop? Red lipstick on one cup, the other cup snuggling close by, clearly on a date. Coffee colors and red splatters add to the ambiance and create subtle chaos. Texture in the background adds to the tension and fun in the painting.

Coffee Date copyright

Coffee Date, 8×8 watercolor on 300# gesso watercolor paper. $50. Cards and prints available 🙂

Countdown to Valentine’s Day. Every Thursday until February 14th, I’ll have a new Valentine-themed painting. Maybe remind your sweetie of coffee shop romance? Buy this painting to help the memory.:) Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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All images and paintings on this site copyrighted by Sarah B Hansen.


A couple of weeks ago, my husband, son and I managed to get away for our annual anniversary vacation. We usually go camping, and typically at the coast. However, this time, we thought we’d try Mt. Adams in Washington, about 3 hours from Bend. Beautiful! Gorgeous! And WET…

August 2014 031

My son and I near the base of Mt. Adams. Yep, those are some scary clouds building in the background.

The day after we arrived at our campsite, we took a hike heading up to the base of Mt. Adams, near Adams Glacier. Though it was the middle of August, the wildflowers were blooming like crazy! Indian paintbrush, Lupine, Asters, and Penstemon in large fields of pink, red, and purple gave me fits of color-happiness throughout the hike.

It was quite a steep trail, but not terribly difficult. We only packed the essentials for a quick picnic at the top and a little travel painting for me.

Two hours later, we arrived at the top of Killen Creek. We could see Mt. Saint Helens and Rainier in the distance…along with some nasty-looking clouds. Clouds being those serious thunderheads you see in the photos, not the clouds of MILLIONS of super-hungry mosquitoes looking for some extra-sweet (ahem…) blood. Ours.

Near the top. Uhmmm...does anyone notice some you know...clouds?

Near the top. Uhmmm…does anyone notice some you know…clouds?

Let me tell you, those skeeds were, well, let’s just say crazed with hunger. Once we reached the top, my husband and son explored around while I sat down to paint. I usually plan a focal point and a color scheme in my journal paintings. When I sat down, I had a beautiful spot and perfect layout for a horizon line, with the focal point at the juncture of thunderheads and crippled high-alpine trees.

Here's the area I wanted to paint

Here’s the area I wanted to paint. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Anyway, I sat down to paint the journal painting and Wham! Wham! Wham Bam Wham….well, you get the idea. Mosquitoes from their leafy lairs were landing and screaming for blood. I whacked and slapped and, as in my son’s terms for killing bugs that lbite him…we needed lots of body bags. I spent about 5 minutes? Maybe? Seemed like 2 hours, trying to paint. I think I have mosquito parts smooshed into my painting.

Mt Adams Killen Creek 08122014

Hurried painting at the top of our hike.

I’m serious when I say it was VERY rushed. I usually take a lot more time. But the mosquitoes were just SO BAD!

Anyway, I gave up, packed the paints away and stood to go check on my guys. That’s about the time the first threat of thunder ka-boomed at us. Yikes! We were on top of an exposed meadow, above timberline! Head on down, folks! Head on down! We beat feet to get out of the area as soon as we could. Thunder began to rumble around us like a mad monster as we hurried down the hillside. We received a few sprinkles, a scattering of hail, but nothing too bad until we got about 30 minutes from the truck at the trailhead. Now…NOW the rain really began. This was a crushing blow of a bucket of water dumped with force. Within seconds, we were completely drenched. I’ve been in many storms while hiking in the forest, but this one was one for the record books. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet with clothes on. We walked/ran/stumbled and could barely see, in a 6 inch river down the trail until we came to the truck. We ended up just laughing at how incredibly hard it rained on us. We drove slowly back to our campsite in the deluge. We sat for hours in the truck. We ate cold tuna in our truck. It rained all night. And we were TENT CAMPING. Ugh.

The next morning threatened more storms so we packed up and changed location. I managed to get two (better) paintings done in my journal during the rest of the trip. Without the rain and mosquitoes!

Laurence Lake 08142014

Laurence Lake near Mt. Hood, Oregon. Journal entry.

Mt Hood from Laurence Lake 08142014

Mt. Hood, Oregon, from Laurence Lake. Journal entry.

 And even managed a beautiful and peaceful kayak float one morning.

August 2014 058

Kayaking at Laurence Lake in the morning.

A few days later, back to Bend and work. But what an incredible trip. Full of laughs, water, hiking, kayaking, painting, and even a dinner in the truck when it rained so hard. Love the outdoors. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Feed the beast, people. Keep creating and enjoying life!

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My niece, fabulous swimmer that she is, gets to travel around the state for swim meets. Frequently, she finds herself and her friends competing in Newport, Oregon, on the Pacific Coast. So when I saw her recently, she had been there, in Newport, and had spent some time on the beach, in the sandy-sand. All the girls had flip flops on, which they apparently flung off in the sand to run down to the water. Someone had an artistic eye and snapped a photo of the flip flops. And I’m the lucky person to get to paint these. It was so much fun that I had to share for Thirty-Dollar Thursday this week!

Newport Beach FlipFlops smallcopyright

Newport Beach Flip Flops 8×8 Original Watercolor on Gessoed Watercolor Paper

Make sure you get this one for $30 today. If we need to ship, it’s extra. First come, first serve. Remember to follow me on Facebook and follow this blog by scrolling down and clicking follow! Why? Because you can be “In the Know”, which will make all your friends jealous. 😉  Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Bananas are the name of the game today! Cut them up, freeze them, then use them in a frozen smoothie with other berries and almond milk with a touch of cinnamon. My son LOVES these banana smoothies! So, to honor his favorite smoothie, I offer up an original painting of bananas for thirty dollars, today only. This painting is normally $50 retail, so grab it quickly!

Bananas, 8x8 original watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

Chiquita Bananas, 8×8 original watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

Let me know if you want this little banana cluster, Chiquita Bananas, an 8×8 image size, matted with foam core backing to slip into a 12×12 frame.

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If I had to do it all over again, I would have done it differently. What, you ask? No, not my first boyfriend, though that experience probably would benefit from some improvement if I could re-write it! Wait…do I even remember it correctly?!

I do digress…If I had to do it all over again, I would have thrown out the pear. The offending fruit squished and exploded slime all over when I reached for it. Now, to clarify, I LOVE pears. But exploding pears? Not so much. And my freshly mopped floor? Not so clean anymore. So this painting reminds me of my volcanic pear incident. As I’m painting it, though, I’m thinking smell and taste, and all this I love. But I wouldn’t have grabbed the super-ripe pear, had I known. This painting, however, has been a bit of a bear…er…pear problem. How to make fruit colorful when in a shadow? It’s tough. Here’s the process: My photo reference is from Portland Saturday Market (LOVE this place). It seemed out of season for the spring(?), but a few pears were there in all their glory. Sunlight sang through and spotlit a group in front of the rest. Detail, below, of their container:


Detail area of pears in cardboard box

The painting has been a struggle. Mostly because of the shadow areas in the back. I want to spotlight the foremost pears by “killing” the back pears. A recessive wash seems to deaden the whole area. Also, in the handle area of the box, pears poke through visually. Maybe a little too much?

Pears mid-way through

Pears mid-way through

Kind of cool, this photo above. Galleries and exhibition foundations remind artists to crop and clean up our photos. This one is out on my patio and shows pavers, chairs, table, and hence, the scale of my painting. I’m keeping the crop out! BAN THE CROP. Just kidding. Only for now. Okay, after re-working, here is the final photo of my painting. I have a critique-group meeting this week, in which I’ll present the painting and probably result in a change…a bit…but for now, here’s the finished piece. 🙂

Pearz. 22x30. Watercolor on plexiglass.

Sunshine in a Box. 22×30. Watercolor on plexiglass.

So here’s to you, you pears! Ban the squishy pears (which these weren’t) and ban the crop(ha!). It’s been fun. I love the cut-open pear and the brightness of all the pears in the sunshine(hence the title). In person, those front pears SING in the painting. And, of course, I love the container. I’m a big container-person. This one, this cardboard container with fake wood painting is wonderful. As for the reason I’d do it over? Never grab an over-ripe pears with freshly-mopped floors.

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It struck me this week that lilacs are in my top 5 list of favorite flowers.  Let’s see.  Why not list them and the memories they evoke:

1.  Peony (their smell…soft white house and the big window above them…and…ants?)

2.  Lavender (Washington…fields upon fields of purple hills…and the smell, oh man the smell!)

3.  Lilac (tearing around on my bike next to the bushes on the farm…the sunshine smell…my mom)

4.  Rose (the old-fashioned kind…my bike was my “horse” and I speed around the bushes super fast)

5.  Dahlia (my house in Portland…my little boys running around catching praying mantis and other critters)

Huh.  What does that say about me?  All these flowers are old-school flowers! Does that mean I’m an old fashioned kind of gal?  Nah.  They just smell heavenly and remind me of growing up on the farm.


Lilacs by my front door

I finally have lived in a house long enough for the lilacs that I planted to bloom!  Every house that we built, I would plant lilacs, with dreams of someday gathering them into my greedy clutches, planting my nose deep inside their purple-ness, and inhaling their memory-inducing bouquet.  Then, I’d clip them into a huge white bucket (oh, the senses!) and bring them indoors to fragrance the whole house.  Alas, we always moved before my bucket-of-lilacs dream came true.  Until now!  I have two large lilac bushes near my front door, and if the deer don’t chomp them down, they bloom like crazy.  So, in response to the Bucket of Lilacs dream, I decided I’d paint just that.


Lilacs for the painting

Yes!  I DID place blooms into my painting.  Carefully clipping each tiny bloom, I placed them in between newspaper and flattened/dried them overnight.  The next day, I used matte Medium to adhere them to the gessoed plexiglass panel.  It was so much fun, I thought I might plaster them everywhere!  But I had to use restraint.  I had only clipped a few lilacs and it was time to paint.  No time to waste!


First wash, showing general layout and real lilac petals

Okaayyy…great idea, hard to do.  Have you ever painted lilacs?  Or tried?  A bit difficult, I can tell you.  As always, I concentrate detail in a few areas near the focal point, and leave ya’ll guessing for the rest. The most difficult part of this painting was trying to get the mass of blooms to have depth and structure.


Detail showing real lilac petals


Detail showing real lilac blooms and paper texture

The colors in this painting?  Yummy.  I hope I gave the impression of lilac blooms?

Bucket O Lilacs blog

Bucket O’ Lilacs. 16×20 watercolor on Gessoed Plexiglass. $750 message me to own 🙂

Can you recall memories of lilac-filled days?  Maybe you can smell them?

Or maybe you have strong memories associated with other flowers. What are your favorites?  When you see them or smell them, what memories flood forth?  Comment…I’m interested 🙂

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Mmmmm….strawberries.  Tangy, sweet, tender and warm-from-the-garden burst of freshness on your tongue. There’s nothing like them. It’s Strawberries from the Market today for Thirty-Dollar Thursday!

I took this photo when I went to Portland Saturday Market in March this year.  They were an early batch, for sure.  They called my name.  Yoo-hoo!  Yeah, you with the camera. Over here!

I had to snap a couple of photos in all their red deliciousness.  Here’s the one I used for my painting:


Strawberries at Portland Saturday Market

After a quick sketch of the yummy orbs (okay, okay, it’s not chocolate, but hey…it’s STRAWBERRIES!), I did a first wash:


First wash of strawberries and their neato turquoise containers

I had hooked up my video camera to do a video of the process, but alas, no battery.  I think my video-making is jinxed!  Next wash:


Adding more depth and color into the strawberries and their container

The strawberries…I can smell them!  I had fun with the final wash, because after I completely saturated the berries with Quinacridone Red, I covered the containers with plastic wrap and sprayed the berries with water. Then, I lightly dabbed the water off and lifted it back to white. When the berries were dry, I dotted them individually with flecks of red to make them appear to have seeds.  Cool, huh?


Strawberries at Portland Saturday Market. 8×8 on gessoed watercolor paper.

So here it is!  What you have all been waiting for!  My weekly Facebook Thirty-Dollar Thursday offering for you all lucky folks out there!  Buy it today, as it won’t be thirty dollars(plus shipping) again! 🙂 Follow me for more offers:  SBHansenART on Facebook.  Love to you all and enjoy your Thursday.  Maybe have a strawberry or two.  I know I will.



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