I’m flying out to Italy today at 3pm to teach a painting workshop in Tuscany! I can’t wait! I have a couple of layovers, and will end up in Florence tomorrow at 5pm. So excited. Can’t wait to experience the beautiful light and sights of amazing Tuscany. LOVE Italy.

Italian Farmhouse we will call home for 6 days!


View from one of the beautiful little towns in Tuscany last year


Roman spa from 2016 tour


Montepulciano window box. Gorgeous.

I have uploaded Google Drive to my devices, so that I can send my phone photos to my tablet and post a blog update every day. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how it works. In any case, I’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram. Watch were we go, what we see, what we paint, and (probably) what we eat!! Oh, and the wine, of course!

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