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Whoop, Whoop! It’s Thursday again! Continuing on with the Sunflower theme (we are all down with that, right?), here we go! First, though, I have to share a photo of my helper:


Big helper

My cat had to get in on the action. Right when I began to take photos. Thanks. Big help. Real. Big. Help.

Once he had some nibbles, I actually took a photo of the intended object, the painting for this week’s Thursday FB post! Here she goes:

Singing Sunflower copyright

Singing Sunflower 8×8 watercolor on textured gesso watercolor paper

That’s right. “Singing Sunflower” is the perfect name for this flower, because when I snapped the photo for reference, this one was facing the sun and singing her heart out. Well, I heard her anyway.

If you saw this painting in person, you would see how incredibly interesting the textured surface is. Seriously. You should have it in your house. People will be jealous. ūüėČ

Make sure to follow me on Facebook, where this pretty little painting is offered as a bid starting out at $30 today only. Happy Thursday, all!!


You’ve Got Mail. I know, I know. Sleepless in Seattle, right? I’m dating myself here, but if the title fits…And anyway, this is the snail-mail, old-fashioned way of mail-getting!

This little painting is the first of my Mailbox Series, inspired during my trip to Colorado this year. I took SCADS of photos and ended up with some crazy inspiration for paintings that should last through the winter!


First wash: Red flowers in the background


Second Wash: Adding all the colors and beginning to find the mailbox form

Youve Got Mail smallcopyright

You’ve Got Mail!! 8×8 watercolor on 140# gessoed watercolor paper. $30 today.

Finished! I love this painting. Hard to give it up, but in order to Feed the Beast, I must sell these little guys. Let me know if you want it! Remember to follow my blog so you continue to get updates and follow me on Facebook for sales and events. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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My niece, fabulous swimmer that she is, gets to travel around the state for swim meets. Frequently, she finds herself and her friends competing¬†in Newport, Oregon, on the Pacific Coast. So when I saw her recently, she had been there, in Newport, and had¬†spent some time on¬†the beach, in the sandy-sand. All the girls had flip flops on, which they apparently flung off in the sand to run down to the water. Someone had an artistic eye and snapped a photo of the flip flops. And I’m the lucky person to get to paint these. It was so much fun that I had to share for Thirty-Dollar Thursday this week!

Newport Beach FlipFlops smallcopyright

Newport Beach Flip Flops 8×8 Original Watercolor on Gessoed Watercolor Paper

Make sure you get this one for $30 today. If we need to ship, it’s extra. First come, first serve. Remember to follow me on Facebook and follow this blog by scrolling down and clicking follow! Why? Because you can be “In the Know”, which will make all your friends jealous. ūüėČ ¬†Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Think unplugged. Quiet. Peace. Unscheduled days. Time to paint. Colorado.


View from Art Studio

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I spent the first week in July this year in Colorado, near where I grew up. It was a place of rejuvenation and feeding my beast. No Wi-Fi! Being unplugged, I spent a good amount of time walking, painting, and reading. The views were open and unhindered by other homes. I could see the San Juan Range to the South, and Grand Mesa to the North. In between lay the area in which I grew up. These were¬†my stomping grounds! My parent’s place is amazingly quiet. At night, all I could hear was the occasional cricket. Maybe a coyote or two. Seriously! Nothing. The silence whooshes in the ears like a pulse. I LOVE it. I crave it every year.


Painting in the Colorado Studio

I usually take some painting projects when I go, and this year was no exception. I had prepared many drawings on plexiglass and paper, which, along with photos, provided hours of work in the lazy, hot afternoons.


My painting desk inside the Art Studio in Colorado

This was no luxury retreat. We are talking bare-bones, back-to-the-basics stuff here. In fact, as hot as it was in the studio in the afternoon, I perched the door open to establish a (hot) cross breeze every day. I did not, however, invite the lizard in to run across my feet. Eeek! I love lizards, but COME ON! No running across the flip-flop feet!! I guess he wanted to take a peek at the paintings and offer up a critique? How ’bout a glass of iced tea, Mr. Lizard?

Anyway, as you can see in the studio photo, I worked hard at a few small paintings and a couple of 11×14 paintings on plexiglass. When I took a break, driving around the country inspired me to take photos of…mailboxes! Future painting alert! Do you realize how utterly beautiful rural mailboxes are? Seriously, they are amazing and poetic in all their rural-ness. When I lived here, I didn’t appreciate the simple beauty that surrounded me.



Artistic Retreat Studio

My mom and I also took a drive down to a friend/neighbor who owns Mattics Orchards. They were generous enough to allow me to walk their orchards (a guided tour by their two young sons, who ended up shoving each other into the sprinklers) and take photos of pears, apples, crab apples, and apricots, as well as some zucchini, cabbage, and peppers. I am SO EXCITED to begin some amazing paintings from all the photos taken during my retreat. Such inspiring, nostalgic photos. Check my blog again soon (or better yet, follow me!) to see my Colorado work.



Bananas are the name of the game today! Cut them up, freeze them, then use them in a frozen smoothie with other berries and almond milk with a touch of cinnamon. My son LOVES these banana smoothies! So, to honor his favorite smoothie, I offer up an original painting of bananas for thirty dollars, today only. This painting is normally $50 retail, so grab it quickly!

Bananas, 8x8 original watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

Chiquita Bananas, 8×8 original watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper

Let me know if you want this little banana cluster, Chiquita Bananas, an 8×8 image size, matted with foam core backing to slip into a 12×12 frame.

Follow me on Facebook! Follow this blog(scroll down and click follow)! Check out my store! And be on the lookout for new work from my Colorado Artistic Retreat, coming soon right here on this blog. I have GREAT paintings coming up both in my mind (ha!!) from all the nostalgic photos I took and in process. Have a great Thursday, everyone!


Thirty-Dollar Thursday is here! Okay, so last week I had a request: ¬†How about a hummingbird, Sarah? Sure thing, but trying to get those little critters to hold still while I snapped off a photo or two? Impossible. Especially with my somewhat-lacking-photo-taking-abilities. I mean, I pretend and all, but when you start talking F-stop and iso-whatever, my eyes glaze over and some sort of brain fog rushes in. Coming to my rescue? My photo guru brother (yo, bro, thanks for the amazing pics of hummingbirds!). So here’s the deal. Never, have I ever, had so much fun painting. Okay, just kidding. But really, this little bird? So cute! I will have to do more hummingbirds. And send me more ideas, everyone! Ya’ll think of fun things to paint, okay? Below, check out the first wash:


Hummingbird in progress. First wash. You will notice how much more the hummingbird “pops” in the final painting, due to darkening the values behind the bird.

Final painting, after deepening the values behind the bird and tightening up details:


Hummingbird, A Moment. Final. 8×8 watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper.

My cute little hummingbird. Even though I have them here in Oregon, they always remind me of Colorado. Mom and Dad’s place. ¬†Anyhoo, she’s available today only for $30, usually $50. Original watercolor painting on 140# gessoed watercolor paper. See that cool texture in there? That’s the textured gesso underpainting. This painting is 8×8, matted to fit into a 12×12 frame. Shipping not included. Unframed.

Visit my store or stop by to see me and friend me on Facebook for upcoming events and special deals. Also, FOLLOW ME, will ya? You get an email only when I post, which is usually twice a week, and you won’t miss any of these fabulous paintings. Just scroll to the bottom of this post, click on FOLLOW, and add your email. Easy-peasy. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Oh, and leave a comment…what should I paint next?


Balance. ¬†Something I strive to attain, yet hardly ever really achieve. ¬†Someone asked me this week, “How do you do it all? ¬†How do you¬†take care of two teenagers, come to work every day, take care of your house and yard and still find time for your art?” ¬†Simple answer: ¬†I usually don’t. ¬†I usually don’t have time for it all. Something typically¬†gets dropped. ¬†I prioritize and if it isn’t essential, I drop the ball. ¬†So, for instance, the house, the yard, the laundry? ¬†Those menial tasks get thrown to the curb and ignored. ¬†But then every couple of weeks or so, it becomes imperative that I “do something” about the mess that has become my environment in which I live. ¬†The balance might list too far to the side of uncleanliness. ¬†So it was this week. The house-mess complained loudly. ¬†I HAD to clean! ¬†I MUST! ¬†Argh. ¬†The dust bunnies and their fellow friends were taking over. ¬†And, I didn’t have my usual schedule, so was unable to prepare my thoughts, my canvas, my photos, and get on board for a great painting and great blog over the weekend. Sure, I squeezed out time to paint, but it wasn’t very satisfactory, as the menial house tasks were screaming at me. ¬†Only two days to complete EVERYTHING.

Okay, so I’ve set you all up for the fact that my weekend painting was/is HORRIBLE this week. ¬†I feel I dropped the ball. ¬†Not only on my painting, but on everything. ¬†Hence the title of this blog: ¬†Balance. ¬†We have to find balance in our lives when juggling so many things. ¬†Like I said, I prioritize, but sometimes it’s not enough. ¬†I strive for balance every day.

So my lilac painting will have to wait for another time. ¬†I did work on it, but it needs so much more work that it is unfit to blog about. ¬†ūüė¶

Instead, I’ll blog about my beast and¬†its¬†favorite colors. ¬†Short and sweet and uncomplicated, this post.


Favorite colors: Clockwise from top right, Moonglow, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Cerulean, Cobalt Teal Blue, all by Daniel Smith

The above colors are always quick within reach on my palette. ¬†They play well with others, lift easily, and have granular properties. ¬†Above, you can see each color by itself, then worked into the blob in the middle. Super cool and makes me want to paint. ¬†A good thing on a day like today when I’m feeling blue and uninspired.

Next, I added my favorite go-to brushes in the fray:


Favorite brushes added to the paints. At top, Daniel Smith 24-1 Mop brush, #5 Sable mix Daniel Smith round, Cat’s tongue series 50, #8 Daniel Smith round, and at bottom, American Painter 1/4″ bright

I use my mop brush initially to lay in large areas of color and value. The three brushes on the right are used for detail. ¬†They are expensive sable mixes, but hold a ton of color and water. At bottom, a super cheap bright brush for removing paint and adding detail/edges to subjects. I scrub hard with this brush and don’t care if it gets messed up.

Wait, what?  How does this happen?  The blob became a beast!


Another version of my beast

After smooshing¬†my favorite colors together, I saw my beast again! ¬†Add an eye, mouth, nose, and detail and voila…beastie version 2 is born.

Thus, I found a smidgen of balance this weekend. ¬†I did finish this blob…er…blog, mopped the floors and dusted, and even managed to go mushroom (morel) hunting with the boys and my hubby. ¬†I should be satisfied. ¬†I should be happy. ¬†But that stupid Lilac painting is yelling at me…

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