Watercolor & Wine Painting Parties

Invite at least 6 friends, buy a couple of bottles of wine, grab a room (restaurant, home, office, etc), and be ready to have a fantastic evening painting a small painting. I supply all the painting materials and the step-by-step personal instruction to complete your own watercolor painting.

There is room for personal expression in my guided parties. If you notice the final group shots below, you will see that most people bring their personality into their work, as the paintings differ from mine and their friends.

Two hours=completed painting for every person. $40 per person.

Choose from the following

Summer Daisies

Create a small, sunny, bright painting of daisies.

Very easy, very fun, and the end result is something you will want to frame! 2 hour class. Choose your own colors for a dynamic background.

Employs liquid mask and watercolor. 8×8 finished painting. Beginner.


Fern Delight


Create a small painting of a fern in relief.

Use your own color interpretation. Easy drawing/tracing of a fern photo. Use masking fluid to create the negative image of the fern.

2 hours. 8×8 painting. Beginner.

Thankful Leaves

Using a copy of a real leaf of your choice, paint a leaf any color, and your reasons for “thankfulness” magically appear in each leaf.

2 hours. 8×8 painting. Beginner.

Citrus Reflection

Using any citrus fruit (limes, lemons, grapefruit, blood orange, orange, etc.).

You select your citrus and paint the reflection using drips and splashes.

2 hours. 7×9 painting. Beginner.

Crazy Eye

Create a “Crazy Eye”, very simple tutorial. Paint a very fun,

spidery-eyelash and colorfully convincing eye. Would be fun for Halloween!

2 hours. 8×8 painting. Beginner

Cuckoo Chickadee


Create a fun, colorful chickadee using any color of your choice.

Didn’t think you could paint a bird? Think again.

2 hours. 8×8 painting. Beginner.

Rainbow Umbrella


Fun, easy, bright painting of a woman with an umbrella. Employs drips, sprays, splatters.

2 hours. 8×10 painting. Beginner.

Tuscan Landscape with Poppies

This fun painting is simple to create with a stunningly beautiful result. You will love this class. I first taught it in Tuscany, so we will have to imagine the hillside being just outside the window, as we drink wine and paint in bright colors.

2 hour class. 8×10 painting. Beginner.

Other lessons are available. All fun, of course. Contact me for questions.