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Preparing and packing for Paint Tuscany 2018! I had no idea three years ago when Gina and I created Paint Tuscany workshop and tour adventure that we be able to continue to offer the trip annually. It’s a dream come true! Ahhhh…Tuscany. Love! Can’t wait to return next week!

I’ve been compiling new painting lessons this month, all Italian themed, while I dream of the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Take off in one week! And I still haven’t packed my clothes. Paints and brushes? Yes. Clothes? Later. 😃

I’ll be posting daily blogs as I’m there. Check in or follow me to get posts on our adventures. Who knows, maybe you join us next year!

4 Responses to “Tuscany 2018!”

  1. Anonymous

    Have a wonderful trip! Post lots of photos! I’ll enjoy your experiences this year through the photos! Last year was extraordinary! ❤️🎨
    Mary Lou

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  2. Mary Lou Oberson

    Have a great trip! I’ll look forward to all your photos and commentary! I have so many wonderful memories of last year!

    XOXO Mary Lou

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