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Whoop, Whoop! It’s Thursday again! Continuing on with the Sunflower theme (we are all down with that, right?), here we go! First, though, I have to share a photo of my helper:


Big helper

My cat had to get in on the action. Right when I began to take photos. Thanks. Big help. Real. Big. Help.

Once he had some nibbles, I actually took a photo of the intended object, the painting for this week’s Thursday FB post! Here she goes:

Singing Sunflower copyright

Singing Sunflower 8×8 watercolor on textured gesso watercolor paper

That’s right. “Singing Sunflower” is the perfect name for this flower, because when I snapped the photo for reference, this one was facing the sun and singing her heart out. Well, I heard her anyway.

If you saw this painting in person, you would see how incredibly interesting the textured surface is. Seriously. You should have it in your house. People will be jealous. šŸ˜‰

Make sure to follow me on Facebook, where this pretty little painting is offered as a bid starting out at $30 today only. Happy Thursday, all!!

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